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About Prism Projection, Inc.

Everyone at Prism Projection is a Color Activist. Understanding and delivering color is our passion. We believe that all creators of visual media and live performance deserve superior methods of controlling the color of light. Prism strives each day to put our passion into illumination devices, for the benefit of everyone who sees color.

Founded in 2008 by a close-knit core team of engineers, Prism’s initial focus was pure research and development of very high luminous flux density lighting and projection technologies that could be licensed to other manufacturers. It quickly became apparent that the know-how and technology being developed in the lab would lead to disruptive changes in how colored light could be produced.

Prism expanded its focus in 2009 to include abilities to productize these technologies, adding engineering staff and manufacturing technicians and converting a portion of facilities into dedicated manufacturing space. In the fall of 2009, Prism introduced the first of the RevEAL line of products, the Color Wash. Almost instantly, the RevEAL CW generated industry awards and attention, including Best Debuting Product for Lighting at LDI 2009. In 2010, LDI again awarded the Best Debuting Product to Prism for its second offering, the RevEAL Profile.

Prism’s products create specific colored light: extremely specific colors, with high rendering indexes in instruments capable of maintaining that color output. The innovative TrueSource™ color management and calibration system allows products to deliver exact color without many of the operational concerns of other LED systems.

Garrett Young, President