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  1. These are the most sold video games in Europe in 2019

Video games continue to confirm that they are a mighty industry and demonstrate this with endless sales and profits generated year after year. Now that we passed Ecuador in 2019, GfK-Entertainment has published a report analyzing sales of both console and PC physical editions, a count where there are not too many surprises. These are the bestselling games of 2019.

FIFA and Mario

Winners have their names. FIFA 19, and New Super Mario Bros U dominate the lists of best-selling games in the major countries of Europe, leaving only Finland and Norway, where Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled and Red Dead Redemption 2 have been done in the first place. The sales of FIFA 19 do not pose any surprise, since the classic football is a fixture on the annual lists, however, it is interesting to see how New Super Mario Bros U has managed to be placed first in many countries (keep in mind that this is exclusive Switch, unlike FIFA, which is on all platforms).

Between seconds and third places, the presence of GTA V, a game that refuses to die after it was launched six years ago, is striking. It is surprising not only because of its seniority, but because it stays above its office brother Red Dead Redemption 2, which manages to get some third and second place.

  1. Microsoft, PlayStation, and Nintendo promise to tell you how likely you are to get Christian Ronaldo on the envelopes.

This is a small step for a man and a significant step for humanity. More or less that is what we can say after knowing the initiative that the Entertainment Software Association has launched intending to regulate the famous loot boxes or booty boxes. The solution? Show the user the odds that you touch the most precious items of the envelopes. Yeah, this might sound like you saw it in some games, the novelty? Which will be mandatory from 2020.

Controlling the urge to buy

We have already talked about the dangers of booty boxes. Belgium is one of the hardest countries to deal with such practices, completely prohibiting the use of such payment incentives in any video game. FIFA, PES, overwatch and many other games edited the editions distributed in Belgium to stop offering these envelopes, so the concern about these game methods exists.

  1. Apex Legends will have a solo mode for limited time

If you are one of those who like to go lone wolf in the Battle Royale, you will have found some problem in Apex Legends, as in the game of EA it is essential to work as a team among the three squad members. Well, it seems the company will give you a little joy as they have announced a way for a player that will be available until August 27.

Play Apex Legends in player mode

The new event will open next week, on the 13th to be exact, and will finally include the way many users have been waiting for a long time. Unfortunately, the individual game option will be available in a limited way, so don’t get too used to loneliness, as sooner or later you will have to play as a team again.

The team game is so vital in Apex Legends that the passivity or zero abilities of one of the members can quickly convict the trio in seconds. This dependence on maintaining a close relationship between players had encouraged many to apply for an individual modality, as relying on strangers to play is not the best option in many cases.

  1. Hideo Kojima will again show Death Stranding in Gamescom

The Gamescom this year comes pretty cargadita in what games are concerned, since the Cologne fair has prepared an event called Opening Night Live presented by the very same Geoff Keighley (the founder of the Game Awards) where there will be advertisements and will be shown many advances of the games that we are waiting for you. But there is someone who will take all the attention.

Hideo Kojima at Gamescom

The own Geoff Keighley has confirmed the presence of Hideo Kojima, assistance that does no more than increase the nerves of those who are eager Death Stranding. If we make a bit of memory, it was Gamescom of 2014 where the Japanese genius introduced the mythical PT to the world, a playable Teaser that later revealed itself as a new edition of Silent Hills of Konami. The game that as you well know ended up canceled, Kojima leaving Konami and creating what we know today as Death Stranding.