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RevEAL Studio

The RevEAL Studio.3 from Prism Projection is a professional grade LED fresnel lighting instrument that provides high lumen output, unparalleled color rendering, tunable CCT from 2700-8000K with +/- magenta/green correction, and beam quality, all guaranteed by TrueSource® color management technology. The RevEAL Studio.3 illumination sources are energy efficient and long lasting solid-state LEDs that are applied with proprietary control algorithms and projection optics.

Prism Projection's TrueSource® technology unlocks the potential of light emitting diodes (LED) with real-time color calibration, providing a lighting instrument of exceptional utility and quality previously only approached by conventional sources.

With an output of over 9700 lumens, the RevEAL Studio.3 offers an 8-90 degree adjustable beam with fully-functional barn doors for true fresnel performance. In addition, the RevEAL Studio.3 features local, DMX, and ethernet control of CCT, intensity, and white +/- correction.

The RevEAL Studio.3 is engineered for professional lighting design in a range of applications including broadcast, film, event, architectural, and theatrical. The RevEAL Studio.3 is a solid-state LED alternative to conventional fresnel fixtures, vastly reducing power consumption, heat, and maintenance without compromising lighting design or expectations.

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Product Features

  • Tunable CCT (2700-8000K), High CRI White (92+)
  • TrueSource® - Integrated Optical Feedback for Specifiable and Repeatable Color
  • Over 9700 Lumens, Output of a 2K Conventional
  • Smooth, Continuous 0-100% Dimming
  • Adjustable Beam 8-90°
  • Plus-Minus Magenta/Green CCT Correction
  • Local or Remote CCT and Intensity Control
  • Six Foot PowerCon to Edison Power Cable Included
  • No Degrading Ultraviolet or Uncomfortable Infrared
  • 50,000 Hours at 70% Lumen Maintenance
  • Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable