Prism Projection

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Industry Sector: Retail

Description: Located in Santa Monica, CA on 4th Street, Berkeley Mills is a high-end furniture manufacturer. When Berkeley Mills owners David Kent and Gene Agress opened their new retail showroom they sought an inspirational environment where lighting would play a key role in the mood, highlighting the superior quality of their workmanship with a sensitivity to the environment and energy consumption.

Design Objective: A principle design consideration was to limit power consumption to less than 40 amps to meet local sustainability codes. LED lighting was the logical choice, but the owners required the lighting to be natural in its feel and appearance. The lighting must offer natural white light accenting the quality of the woods used in their furniture. An ability to adjust the white light color temperature to balance wood grains and time of day was desired, as was a source with a CRI above 92.

Solution: The design team chose 14 RevEAL CW fixtures mounted to truss 16 feet above the showroom floor. The system was controlled by an MX console, providing maximum flexibility to tune the lighting to accent individual furniture wood grains.


  • Architect – Boto Architects, Bret Thoeny
  • Lighting Design – Frans Klinkenberg
  • Integrator – Angstrom
  • Manufacturer – Prism Projection