Prism Projection

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Industry Sector: Architectural Entertainment

Installation Description: The Tribeca Loft nightclub at Bowlmor Lanes Times Square is an innovative, 90,000-square foot luxury bowling, dining and entertainment venue at the crossroads of New York City. The Tribeca Loft nightclub is part of the Downtown floor at Bowlmor where 50 themed lanes are divided into seven lounges, each celebrating different aspects of the Big Apple – Times Square, Chinatown, the subway and Central Park plus the city’s Art Deco and Pop NY heritage.

Design Objective: “Architectural lighting designer Matthew Tirschwell (Tirschwell & Co., Inc) and I both wanted to use LED lighting for its green sensibility,” says Marsha Sterns who heads MSLDC, a lighting design and consulting firm collaborating with Tirschwell on Bowlmor’s lighting. “The first consideration was color: We needed an LED fixture that could provide a true, even congo blue.” Tirschwell was also concerned about lamplife, notes Sterns. The RevEAL Studio offers 50,000 hours of operation at 70% lumen maintenance with local or remote capability in either AC or DC power settings.

Solution: “Prism Projection’s RevEAL Studio was chosen. It was the only fixture of this type that could deliver; we really couldn’t get this solution from other LEDs,” says Sterns.

“The RevEAL Studio’s automated dimming and zoom was a plus,” she adds. “The original design intent was to have a fully operational playback system for day-to-day use. Control is an ETC Mosaic show-control processor. Even when we add a lighting console to run special shows, the automated features of this fixture allow us to control things that we couldn’t when using a standard fresnel.”

“We’re thrilled about the addition of the Prism Projection lights to our Tribeca Loft space,” adds Brett I. Parker, Vice Chairman and CFO of Bowlmor Lanes. “The space looks great and the lighting there is quite impressive. Also, the fact that they’re LED means that we can be green and save on power and be energy conscious.”

“So far the RevEALs are working great, and we’re very pleased,” Sterns reports.


  • Owner – Bowlmor Lanes
  • Lighting Design – MSLDC
  • Integrator – Tirschwell & Co
  • Manufacturer – Prism Projection