Prism Projection

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Industry Sector: Entertainment: TV/Film

Description: First developed in the 1930’s, Chroma Key Compositing is a technique for placing two images together where a color from one image is removed revealing the second image behind it making the two appear as one. Also referred to as Green Screen, TV and Film production companies around the world rely heavily on the use of this groundbreaking technology, but it does not come without its challenges. Needing to create a definitive difference between the subject and the green background while effectively matching the color temperature of the new projected background, lighting designers everywhere have been searching for a reliable solution.

Design Objective: Working with studios and production companies such as Happy Madison Productions, Sony Pictures, Disney, Columbia Tri-Star, Buena Vista Pictures, DreamWorks, NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox Television; Neal Williams and Par Fore Productions are counted upon time and time again to deliver quality product that will allow their clients to achieve the best shots possible.

Solution: “Our work with Green Screen was definitely the driving force behind our purchase of the Studio RevEAL fixtures,” said Williams. “It’s crucial to have the ability to adjust the intensity and color range on site and the RevEAL Studio fixtures give us all that with a 20-70 degree beam focus that spreads beautifully. Plus with the onboard controls, you can quickly and easily replicate the background color temperature so that the talent matches what is going to be keyed on screen. I’ve been telling everyone I know to look at these lights for Green Screen because they are a great option. There is a lot to be excited about in today’s production technology, and this light is worth its praise.”


  • Lighting Supplier – Par Fore Productions
  • Manufacturer – Prism Projection