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Industry Sector: Theater

Installation Description: The State University of New York (SUNY) at Delhi added 16 RevEAL Color Wash (RevEAL CW) LED luminaires to its Farrell Student Activity Center Auditorium for an array of productions and activities.

Design Objective: Kris Nutting, Project Manager for Lighting Systems at BMI Supply, which handled the Farrell Auditorium design and integration, initially planned to update the lighting inventory with ellipsoidals, PARs and a sky cyc. But those lights offered no color changing options, a capability that the Auditorium was eager to add. Nutting also had to keep in mind that any lights he chose would have to be simple for students to operate.

John Huber, Assistant Director of Student Activities at SUNY Delhi, coordinated the university’s equipment decision.

Solution: After seeing a demo of the RevEAL CW, Nutting specified 16 fixtures in a host of configurations, including 37°, 50°, 70° and very wide sync wash-style to accommodate lighting positions from front to back of house. He selected the lighting complement for its versatility, quality and ease of use: The University’s operators could easily select and save lamp colors and had no need to change lamps or gels. “The RevEAL CW is the first LED that’s been close to a conventional light – that’s why I decided on them,” reported Nutting, who also gave kudos to the lights’ refresh rate and color temperature. “And with the CW’s white light output, people can actually read a playbill or even class notes without hurting their eyes.”


  • Owner – SUNY Delhi
  • Lighting Design – Kris Nutting
  • Integrator – BMI Supply
  • Manufacturer – Prism Projection