RevEAL Studio

The RevEAL Studio from Prism Projection is a professional grade lighting instrument providing high lumen output, unparalleled color rendering, tunable CCT from 2800-8000K, a wide color palette with repeatability, and beam quality guaranteed by TrueSource™ color management technology. The RevEAL Studio is illuminated by energy efficient and long lasting solid-state sources that are applied with proprietary control algorithms and projection optics.

Prism Projection’s technology unlocks the potential of light emitting diodes (LED) in order to provide a lighting instrument with exceptional utility and quality previously only approached by conventional sources. The RevEAL Studio is truly a breakthrough product and an extension of the award-winning RevEAL Color Wash.

At over 7600 lumens, the Studio offers local, DMX, and ethernet control options including color, intensity and spot/flood (20-70°). In addition, with the MicroLouver beam shaping accessory, the beam can be controlled to cut light analogous to barn doors for conventional lighting fixtures.

The Studio is designed for professional lighting design in applications including broadcast, film, event, architectural, theatrical and more. The Studio is a solid-state LED alternative to conventional Fresnel type fixtures, vastly reducing power consumption, heat and maintenance without compromising your lighting design or expectations. Seeing is believing.


Product Features
  • Tunable CCT (2700-8000K), High CRI White (92+)
  • TrueSource™ – Integrated Optical Feedback for Specifiable and Repeatable Color
  • Local or Remote CCT and Intensity Control
  • Smooth, Continuous 0-100% Dimming
  • No Degrading Ultraviolet or Uncomfortable Infrared Wavelengths in Beam
  • 50,000 Hours at 70% Lumen Maintenance
  • Robust Package Absent of Fragile Glass
  • Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable
  • MicroLouver
  • Adjustable Beam (20-70 degrees)